Heat Transfer Fluid...preventive maintenance

Product Announcement from Paratherm — Heat Transfer Fluids

Paratherm - Routine fluid analysis is a critical part of any preventive maintenance program. Not only do the results indicate what condition the fluid is in, they also provide an early warning of system or equipment problems that can eventually shut down the process. Contact Paratherm for a free fluid-analysis kit that includes simple instructions and packaging.

Because thermal fluids operate in closed- loop systems (no continuous exposure to air), they require different tests and testing frequency than lubricating oils or hydraulic fluid which operate in open systems (continuous exposure to air). Thermal fluids usually only need to be tested once a year since there are no additive packages that need to be monitored and controlled or water contamination to worry about (water in a thermal—fluid system makes itself known pretty quickly). So the test values that matter are:

  • Acid Number
  • Viscosity
  • Distillation Range

And Paratherm has the specific equipment (its not the same as is used for lubes) and expertise to develop and discuss meaningful results.