Heat Transfer Fluid System Provide Consistent Heat

Featured Product from Paratherm — Heat Transfer Fluids

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Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF) are designed and rated to maintain consistent temperatures for asphalt plants. Problems occur when there is a sudden loss of fluid from the system causing it to shut down. Because delivery schedules need to be kept, some asphalt contractors will “top off” a system with any oil that happens to be on hand just to keep the operation moving.

The damage that can be done to a system in the long term makes using low-cost oils a bad decision. Motor oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, R & O (Rust and Oxidation) lubricants and common base oils are simply not designed to perform under the continuous high operating temperatures of a heat transfer fluid system. These oils along with “multi-purpose oils” sold by some companies as HTFs can be unreliable because the additives in them are designed for the needs of other applications.

Once these additives are used up all that is left is poorly refined base oil. Sludge build-up can reduce heat transfer rates and in serious cases can plug a system completely. This will cause a plant to shut down, and require cleaning the entire system.

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