Heat Transfer Systems User's Guide

Featured Product from Paratherm — Heat Transfer Fluids

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The Paratherm Corporation User’s Guide for Hot Oils/Systems includes detailed information about the design, operation, and maintenance of thermal-oil systems.  Below is a partial list of the individual topics covered in the series.


  • Recommended Hot Oil System Components
  • Cleaning, Flushing, Draining & Charging
  • Fired Heater Suppliers
  • Electric Heater Suppliers


  • Fire Prevention
  • Significance of Flash Fire Points


  • Track the Performance of Your System
  • Analyzing Your Fluid
  • Fluid Degradation in Improper Shutdown
  • Fluid Degradation Causes and Cures
  • Fluid Fouling Problems in Closed-Loop Systems
  • Oxidation
  • Water: Detection, Removal, and Prevention
  • Leaks: Detection and Prevention

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