NF® (Non-Fouling) Heat Transfer Fluid

Product Announcement from Paratherm — Heat Transfer Fluids

Low Viscosity for Easy Start Up

The Paratherm NF® Heat Transfer Fluid is a food grade, mineral-oil based heat transfer fluid designed for extended trouble-free service in closed-loop liquid-phase systems up to 600°F in fuel-fired heaters and 630°F in electric immersion heaters.

  • Exceptional thermal stability
  • Film temperature to 650°F
  • Non-fouling, low maintenance
  • Low pour, quick cold starts
  • Odor-free
  • Food Grade


Applications Include:

  • Chemical reactors
  • Food Processing
  • Portable electric temperature control units
  • Electric heaters

 Food grade means less maintenance

The food grade level of quality is not only important for food processing, it also makes Paratherm NF Heat Transfer Fluid one of the lowest maintenance fluids on the market. Impurities that naturally occur in crude oil (such as asphaltenes and sulfur compounds) tend to break down first in the heater and, if severely overheated, can form coke deposits on the heater surfaces. The extensive refining process that makes Paratherm NF food grade removes these impurities so degradation-induced maintenance is reduced.

Low viscosity promotes fast start-ups

Liquid-phase systems should be brought up to temperature slowly until the fluid is in fully turblent flow. This prevents localized fluid overheating. Once viscosity decreases enough that turbulent flow is achieved, the outlet temperature can be increased as fast as the equipment can handle. The lower the temperature when that transition occurs, the faster the system will reach operating temperature. Paratherm NF has the lowest viscosity range of any mineral-oil based fluid.

High heat transfer coefficients extend fluid life

In heat transfer fluids, the most important advantage of a high heat transfer coefficient is that it reduces the heater surface temperature required to achieve set-point temperature. Lower temperature means less thermal degradation which means longer life. Paratherm NF has the highest heat transfer coefficient of any mineral based fluid.