Low-Temp...Heat Transfer Fluid

Product Announcement from Paratherm — Heat Transfer Fluids

Low-Temperature Process Cooling to -88°C (-127°F)

Paratherm CR® heat transfer fluid is a unique blend of synthetic components formulated to provide superior cooling performance in closed-loop heat-transfer systems operating down to -88°C (-127°F) yet is capable of maintenance free operation up to 218° C (425°F).

Get 10ºC colder without changing your equipment…

  • 20% Increase in Flow Rate
  • No Equipment Modifications
  • 10°F Lower Operation, Same Viscosity
  • Aerospace Testing Fluid
  • Fine Chemical Processes,Pharmaceutical Production


Applications include:

  • Fine and Specialty Chemical Processing
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Environmental test chambers

Increased capacity in existing systems In the cryogenic temperature range, Paratherm CR has significantly lower viscosity than silicone based heat transfer fluids. Simply replacing existing fluid with Paratherm CR can increase the cooling output of the system by up to 50% at -70°C and up to 70% at -90°C.

Easier to work with Paratherm CR will not leave a slippery residue on surfaces if it leaks out. Water will not accelerate fluid degradation or cause significant changes in the freeze point. Testing has shown that Paratherm CR will not cause copper tubing to oxidize if water is present, thus offering designers more flexibility in material selection.

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