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Product Announcement from Parker Hannifin Filtration and Separation Div. / Balston Products

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Analyze your Plant Compressed Air Reduce Operating Costs Eliminate Downtime

Parker Balston, the world leader in compressed air filtration, now offers an Air Quality Test Program

Register for a FREE compressed air audit today

Why do an Air Analysis?

    • Determine compressed air contaminant level
    • Eliminate frequent replacement of production equipment components
    • Eliminate production downtime and excessive maintenance
    • Measure moisture content of compressed air
    • Confirm mainline dryer performance
    • Reduce operating costs

The Parker Balston Air Quality Test Program:

    • An experienced, trained Parker Specialist will test your compressed air
    • Highly sensitive instruments will measure particulate counts, temperature, humidity, and dewpoint
    • Simple and quick process will not interfere with your production process
    • You will be provided with detailed reports targeting critical areas for compressed air improvement

Call 1-800-343-4048 to schedule an appointment, or Click Here to enroll in our Air Quality Test Program