Water/Humidity Protection for Electrical Cabinets

Product Announcement from Parker Hannifin Filtration and Separation Div. / Balston Products

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Water & Humidity Protection for Electrical Cabinets

You demand a lot from your electrical cabinets and motors. They are subject to nightly high pressure, hot wash downs and then expected to remain dry in a refrigerated area. Over time most cabinets become wet cabinets inside which leads to premature component failures. This interrupts production and costs you money.

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Some electrical cabinets contain sensitive circuits which can cost thousands of dollars. But loosing production is even more costly. What does an hour of lost production cost your company? Maintenance departments are lightly staffed. The Parker Balston Cabinet Dryer keeps your equipment up and running, saving you time and money.

The Parker Balston Cabinet Dryer serves to reduce the humidity inside the cabinet to less than 10% RH eliminating any chance of wet cabinets. Any water that infiltrates the cabinet evaporates quickly. Electrical components stay clean and dry which prolongs their life.

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