Miniature Pneumatic Diaphragm Valves

Product Announcement from Parker Hannifin / Instrumentation Group

Miniature Pneumatic Diaphragm Valves -Image


The PV-1 Series is designed for semiconductor, ultra-pure water and aggressive chemical or gas applications. The design has a machined modified PTFE body, seat and diaphragm ensuring excellent flexibility and long life. The valve is available in 2 and 3 way configurations. It is ideal for low flow and small dose injection applications.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Modified PTFE diaphragm provides over five times the flexural life as compared to conventional PTFE.
  • Tongue and groove seal for positive diaphragm to body seal provides high cycle life, lowers replacement costs, and isolates media from actuator.
  • Compact actuator design works on as little as 20 psi for ease of installation and maintenance.

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