Variable Area Flow Meters and Flow Tubes

Product Announcement from Parker Hannifin / Instrumentation Group

Variable Area Flow Meters and Flow Tubes-Image

Variable Area Flow Meters and Flow Tubes from Parker's Porter division are a precise fit for a wide range of gas and liquid applications including, but not limited to, severe service, low flow and high pressure.

Porter Variable Area Flowmeters include 65mm and 150mm scale length tube assemblies and are available in either forged body or side-plate construction.

Forged body models feature a wrap-around window for full 180° tube visibility, and an attractive forged one-piece black anodized aluminum body.

Side-plate constructed models are conveniently interchangeable with competitive designs.

Porter Flow Tubes are the industry standard for medical anesthesia equipment, while Porter Flowmeters with special tubes are being utilized in the majority of veterinary anesthesia equipment.

Porter Custom Flow Tubes are also utilized in a variety of applications. For applications that demand accuracy and flexibility, Porter Flow Tubes are the solution.

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