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Geared Motors for Caravan Movers

Featured Product from parvalux by maxon

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Why Choose Parvalux for Caravan Motor Movers? Caravan movers need to be designed with certain characteristics in mind in order to operate effectively and safely. Parvalux caravan mover motors are built as standard to feature high-torque, low-speed power delivery with smooth-start operation from a DC supply. We have many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of geared motors for caravan movers, which means we’re able to provide the most effective design solutions to manufacturers, worldwide. We’re delighted that our credentials include a European product design award for one of our OEM fully customized mover products. Parvalux can provide a customized caravan motor mover at little or no additional cost to our standard models and we can even manufacture the main drive wheel that presses against the caravan’s tires to provide traction.