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The Benefits of AC Motors

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What is an AC motor? An AC motor converts electric energy into mechanical energy and is powered by alternating current. ‘Alternating current’ means the direction of flow around a circuit is regularly switched. Whereas, a DC motor is driven by current that always flows in the same direction. The alternating current is powered by an alternator to encourage the change in direction. What are the benefits of AC motors? As an electric motor manufacturer, we understand the huge array of benefits that our AC gear motors can bring to industries across the globe. Here are some of the main benefits to bear in mind: Durable AC electric motors are extremely durable because unlike most DC motors, they do not have brushes. Brushes can become worn down easily and creates the need for more regular maintenance. As AC motors do not have this problem, this means they usually have a long lifespan and are preferred by those looking for an extremely durable solution. Low power required for start-up With low power required for start-up, this means AC motors can distribute their power more evenly and can maintain a consistent level of power throughout their operation. It also decreases the chance of burn out, which can occur when a motor becomes overworked at start-up. Controlled acceleration Controlled acceleration within AC motors means they allow for steady and controlled movement, which is key for many demanding applications across the globe. It also reduces wear and tear as speeds are not increasing and decreasing abruptly, therefore placing less pressure on the motor. Controlled acceleration is particularly important for an application such as caravan movers, where speed must remain stable and constant to ensure it performs as it should. High speed AC motors are known for being able to cope with and deliver high speeds, making them suitable for a range of demanding industry applications. What applications are AC motors found in? AC induction motors are found in a range of applications worldwide. Parvalux produces electric motors for the UK and beyond, in industries such as healthcare, leisure and work. If you are considering an AC motor, here are some of the most common industries where you might find them: • Conveyor belts and systems • Appliances • Air conditioners and fans Why should I choose Parvalux for AC electric motors? When you choose Parvalux for AC motors, you can guarantee a seamless process from start to finish. Our 70+ years of experience means we have a wealth of knowledge to help you find your ideal AC motor. Not only do we offer standard motor options, we can offer you a fully customized solution to ensure your motor meets the exact needs of your application. We have a range of product customization options available which our engineers would be more than happy to discuss with you. These include extending cable lengths, modifying shafts and optimizing armatures to meet the speed requirements of your application.