Glovebox Isolator Inflatable Door Seals

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Pawling Engineered Products -  Glovebox isolation chambers are used in many different processes where maintaining a sterile working environment is critical to the success of the end product. The fact that the seals must work on this equipment is an understatement.

Optimal glovebox designs incorporate the use of inflatable seals along the perimeter of a large plexiglass door which allows for a high level of visibility and easy access to the chamber when necessary—just deflate the seal and lift the door. No need to unscrew an elaborate flanging system which a compression seal would require.

Pawling EP’s Pneuma-Seal® line is perfectly suited for glovebox isolator doors. Our Type 1 (footed) or Type 10 (high pressure; low gap) profiles are perfect for these rectangular, radial expansion outward applications. These profiles are also available in our new CVI™ series of USP Class VI compounds or in FDA-compliant white (or red) silicone.

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Benefits and Advantages

  • Over 70 standard Pneuma-Seal profiles to choose from to build your custom seal application
  • Common configurations include radial expansion outward, axial expansion, or radial expansion inward
  • Seals can be supplied for rectangular, circular, u-shaped, or straight applications
  • Excellent cycle life characteristics and overall physical properties
  • USP Class VI*(CVI Series) or FDA compliant certification ensures materials and processing integrity; simplifies compliance
  • Each seal is manufactured using fully traceable material lots and is 100% leak tested under our ISO9001-2008 certified quality system
  • Certificates of conformity readily available

 *The U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) is a scientific, non-profit organization that sets quality standards for food ingredients, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals and their associated supply chains. Testing and certification were provided by Toxicon Corp., Bedford, Mass.

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