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Benefits of Paxton's Ionizing Rinsing Systems

Featured Product from Paxton Products, an ITW company

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Organizations are required to follow certain guidelines and practices when producing and distributing packaged goods to customers. Whether it’s preparing a jar, bottle, or can to be filled, or cleaning the outside of a box to be shipped, rinsing processes are required. This is to ensure that end products do not fail quality testing, resulting in recalls, as well as making sure that any products that might contact the end user’s face and/or body are safe. While these rinsing processes are crucial to the success and productivity of an organization, they can be very expensive to run and operate. Because of this, Paxton Products has developed its Ionizing Rinsing System to help your organization reduce costs and energy usage.  


What is the Ionizing Rinsing System? 

The Ionizing Rinsing System, by Paxton Products, is a water-free “wash” that pairs Paxton’s industry-leading centrifugal blower with an air delivery device in order to remove dirt, debris, static, or particulates from cans, bottles, or any other products where cleanliness is required for production. The Ionizing Rinsing System is designed to eliminate the need for water and compressed air rinsing, and reduce the costs associated with them. By providing static control and incorporating powerful ionization into its process, the unwanted particulates and contaminants are unable to adhere to the surface and are discharged away from the product, leaving the surface clean without the use of water or compressed air rinsing.  


The Value 

In addition to having a strong focus on safety and cleanliness, the Ionizing Rinsing System by Paxton Products delivers value to its customers through its ability to reduce costs. By removing the need for water and compressed air, organizations can purchase and implement the Ionizing Rinsing System into their business processes at a much lower cost than that of any competitor.  


Here are two ways the Ionizing Rinsing System can cut costs for your organization: 

    • Eliminate the Need for Water – In order to carry out their rinsing applications with water, most companies will typically pay to have water come into their plant, pay for it to be filtered, and then pay to have it discarded or recycled. By utilizing Paxton’s Ionizing Rinsing System paired with the PX-Series Centrifugal Blower, companies eliminate the need for water in this process and the costs associated with water rinsing.  This should be a critical focus for companies if they are located in a region where water costs are generally higher so that they are able to reduce costs in the long run.  

    • Eliminate the Need for Compressed Air – In order to provide value to its customers, Paxton Products has eliminated the need for compressed air within its Ionizing Rinsing System. Compressed air is typically five times more expensive to produce than the air produced from a centrifugal blower. Because of this, Paxton Products has designed its Ionizing Rinsing System to flow through an ionized field and out the air delivery device – ultimately eliminating the need for compressed air overall. This can reduce energy usage for your facility by nearly 80%.  


How can Paxton Products help? 

If you or your organization is interested in implementing the Ionizing Rinsing System, the best place to start would be to fill out a Quick Quote request on our website and provide us with as much information as possible. By providing our team with details such as line speed, product dimensions, and voltage requirements, Paxton engineers are able to select and size solutions accordingly. In addition to this, you can call Paxton Products at (513) 891-7485 to discuss your rinsing needs with one of our engineers. 


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