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Eliminate Compressed Air w Ionizing Rinsing System

Featured Product from Paxton Products, an ITW company

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Paxton’s Ionizing Rinsing Systems efficiently remove particulates, dirt and debris from targeted surfaces with the help of Paxton’s air delivery systems and industry-leading centrifugal air blowers. Setting the standard for a new generation of static elimination and air rinsing, Paxton’s Ionizing Rinsing Systems are designed to dissipate the static charges that cause dirt, dust and contaminants to adhere to surfaces, and then air blast the contaminants away using ultra-efficient, blower-driven air. With Paxton’s patented design, you’re able to increase performance while reducing maintenance, and if eliminating compressed air systems, reduce energy usage by as much as 80%.

Available for both high speed and low speed lines, Paxton's Ionizing Rinsing Systems prevent particles & dust from adhering to the inside or outside of container walls, reduce risk of microbiological growth caused by moisture in water rinses, and significantly reduces energy usage by eliminating compressed air all together.


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