TITAN blowers...Small, rugged, and smart

Product Announcement from Pelonis Technologies, Inc.

Pelonis Technologies - Titan blowers include "Intelligent Motion Controls", the blowers increases end-system performance and ensure long-term reliability. TITAN series blowers can be "ruggedized" with Ingress Protection (IP) parylene coatings to protect them from dust and moisture. Proprietary seal coatings used on the blowers’ internal components also help protect equipment from harsh weather conditions in outdoor and extreme environments. TITAN series blowers include full-wave in-board circuit designs with multiple features that create air movement "intelligence". By using various controls that are programmable, voltage fluctuations from power supplies are reduced, protection is enhanced, and optimum performance is ensured. Up to fifteen innovative features are available. See our DC Blower Summary Catalog: http://fans.pelonistechnologies.com/blowers-summary-catalog-pdf-download