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Captive Panel Screws and Hardware

Featured Product from PennEngineering®

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PEM® brand fasteners utilize self-clinching, broaching, flaring, surface mount, or weld technology to provide strong, reusable, and permanent threads and mounting points in thin sheet metal, P.C. board materials, and other ductile or non-ductile thin material.

Captive Panel Screws And Hardware

Large Knob, Spring-Loaded - Types PF11, PF11M, PF11MF, PF11MW, PF12, PF12M, PF12MF, PF12MW, PEM® C.A.P.S®

PEM® type PF11 / PF12 family of panel fasteners provides design flexibility by offering three styles of installation types, each having the same profile or look above the sheet or panel into which it is installed. The various mounting types include self-clinching, flare-mounted, and floating styles. The standard selection of knobs include knurled or smooth metal caps and plastic PEM® C.A.P.S®.

Low Profile Knob, Spring-Loaded - Types PF30, PF31, PF32, PF50, PF60

The low-profile design satisfies many functional and cosmetic requirements. Types PF30, PF31, and PF32 have a convenient, large slotted head for tool or finger operation. As well as type PF50, with a convenient large head and a Phillips recess for tool or finger operation.

Screw Head, Spring-Loaded - Types PFC2, PFS2

Types PFC2 and PFS2 are available in both steel or stainless steel for tool or finger operation. Most sizes are available in three screw lengths.