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Fasteners, Adhesives Hold Things Together at MD&M West

A new blog from Design News Magazine highlights microPEM® TackSert™ fasteners. 

PennEngineering keeps coming up with clever fasteners to solve a wide range of design and manufacturing problems. The latest is no exception. The company introduced a new line of its microPEM pin fasteners as an alternative to micro-screws in compact electronic assemblies. They're designed for lighter-weight materials, including plastics. Last year, I saw them holding together the very small, familiar-looking metallic keyboard of a very large laptop maker who had to remain nameless. This year, the new line is aimed entirely at fastening non-ductile materials, Jay McKenna, PennEngineering's global business manager for microPEM fasteners, told Design News. Besides plastics, this includes magnesium and aluminum laptop and tablet casings.

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