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See What's Behind PEM® GHOST™ Fastening Technology

Featured Product from PennEngineering®

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See What’s Behind PEM® GHOST™ Fastening Technology

PEM® GHOST fastening technology is the latest innovation from fastening pioneer PennEngineering® – ideal for achieving tamper-resistant security and sleek aesthetics, and highly customizable for most any application.

This new capability produces a fully concealed fastener with zero visible evidence of disassembly once engaged. Although you can’t visibly tell how to disengage the fastener, it’s easily released with a special magnetic tool.

How GHOST Fastening Technology Works

GHOST™ fastening technology utilizes a fully concealed, pinch-lock mechanism to create a secure lock. Using a magnetic release tool on the concealed fastener actuates the internal components, unlocking the pinch-lock grip and instantly releasing the pin from fastener.

While a door-pull style magnetic removal tool is shown in the accompanying video, the tool design is completely customizable based on application requirements.

Versatile Applications

The technology is an ideal solution for any application in which a completely concealed fastener with sleek aesthetics post-assembly is desired. It can replace most any small external screw/nut assembly in applications for datacom, telecom, automotive electronics, and more. The release mechanism is also significantly faster and smoother than a screw/nut assembly.

PEM® GHOST Fastening Technology At-a-Glance 

  • Produces fully concealed fastener with magnetic release tool
  • Excellent alternative when security, sleek aesthetics are required
  • Tool-less assembly, re-assembly
  • Near-instant release mechanism for disassembly
  • Ultra-smooth design enables sleek aesthetics
  • Fully captivated hardware
  • Tamper-resistant for strong security
  • Enables modular design
  • Fully customizable for applications in automotive electronics, consumer products, telecom systems, servers, and more
  • Can replace most small external screw/nut assemblies

 Learn More 

Talk to an expert PEM® application engineer to learn how you can leverage GHOST fastening technology for your next application. Visit PEM, a PennEngineering company for more information about all your fastening needs.

Download our GHOST™ Fastening Technology Overview here