MRI Gradient Amplifiers

Product Announcement from PERFORMANCE CONTROLS, INC.®

MRI Gradient Amplifiers-Image

Gradient Amplifiers provide power to generate the variable (gradient) magnetic field component for the MRI process. The fidelity, repeatability, stability and bandwidth of the gradient amplifier, along with power available are key parameters affecting the quality of the MRI image.

Here are some key points about the PERFORMANCE CONTROLS, INC. ® gradient amplifiers and related services.

  • Certified to meet UL-60601 and EN-60601 -1 -2 safety standards
  • Operating voltages are among the highest available for gradient amplifier applications:
    • 1000 – 1400 VDC, 600 A peak (600 – 840 kVA); 400 – 800 VDC, 600 A peak (240 – 480 kVA); and 100 – 300 VDC, 200 A peak (20 – 60 kVA)
    • All ratings are per axis
  • Exceptional bandwidth and fidelity permitting demanding spiral scan techniques
  • Repeatability and stability for echo planer imaging techniques
  • Power supplies sized to meet diffusion scan requirements

PRECISION AMPLIFIERS - Find out about Performance Controls' 3 axis Gradient Amplifier, the "heart' of their complete MRI system. View PDF for select amplifiers and filters.