Compact Cooling Units with Greater BTU!

Product Announcement from Pfannenberg

The  DTS  3031 Stainless Steel Cooling Unit offers a smaller footprint and compact design - ideal for smaller cabinets or cooling "hot spots" in larger control cabinets. They are available in Type 12, 3R/4, and 4/4X Stainless Steel and range from 900 - 1300 Btu/h.

  • Compact design, ideal for small control cabinets or for cooling of hot spots in larger control cabinets
  • Maintains a UL Tested NEMA Type 4/4X seal against enclosure
  • UL 484 Listed, category ACVS, UL file #SA10300, CE approved for European use
  • Logic connector for door contact input
  • Powder coated steel cover for rugged environments, easily painted to match enclosure or machine
  • Condenser with 3 mm fin spacing, highly effective protection against strongly contaminated and aggressive ambient air
  • Utilizes a thermal expansion valve (TXV) to ensure maximum performance over a broad range