Prevent Downtime with Proper Thermal Management

Product Announcement from Pfannenberg

Pfannenberg DTS Series Side Mount Cooling Units provide a long internal air path which captures heat above components and provides cool air below - eliminating hot spots and providing maximum cooling efficiency. Proper thermal management saves your operation from costly downtimes!

The DTS 31x5 ranges 5,000 -7,000 Btu/h, while the DTS 32x5 ranges 9,000 -12,000 btu/h.

DTS Side Mount Cooling Unit models maintain a UL tested NEMA type 12 (indoor), NEMA type 3R/4 (outdoor) or NEMA type 4/4X (washdown/stainless steel) seal against enclosure.

Indoor and Outdoor models are available in ANSI 61 (Gray) or RAL 7035 (Light Gray).

Small condensor spacing, highly effective protection against strongly contaminated and/or aggressive ambient air.

Plugable components for easy servicing.