UL Heat Exchangers for Thermal Management

Product Announcement from Pfannenberg

Pfannenberg produces a full line of UL-Listed air/water heat exchangers for thermal management of electrical and electronic enclosures used in a wide variety of industries. Pfannenberg offers side mount heat exchangers for complete outside or inside cabinet installation ranging from 950W to 5000W of cooling capacity.

PWS Series Units reduce paperwork and cost, provide maintenance-free operation, and can handle high ambient temperatures. Type 12/3R/4 for Indoor/Outdoor or Type 4X stainless steel for washdown/harsh applications are available.

Greater energy efficiency and lower cost than cooling units where water is readily available. By pulling heat away from the machine and plant and eliminating redundant compressors, the end user can realize great energy savings while not over taxing existing building HVAC systems.

Pfannenberg heat exchangers feature a compact design with thermostat and solenoid valve for temperature control, as well as integrated temperature monitoring. The units are sealed and maintenance-free with NEMA 12 rating. Pfannenberg supplies heat exchangers for industries such as food and beverage, packaging, waste water management, plastic injection molding and machine tool.

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