BSL310 Emergency LED Driver for Strip Fixtures

Product Announcement from Philips Emergency Lighting

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We are pleased to introduce the BSL310 Emergency LED Driver for linear LED strip fixtures. The BSL310 allows users to convert linear LED strip fixtures into code-compliant emergency lighting. The BSL310 will do for LED emergency lighting what our very popular B50 did for fluorescent emergency lighting: set the standard.

Product Highlights

  • Compatible with LED strips from a variety of manufacturers
  • Output Class 2 Compliant
  • 90-minute runtime
  • 1300 lumens max. emergency lighting output
  • Universal input (120-277V, 50/60 Hz)
  • Operates LED load with a rated stack voltage range of 10-50 VDC
  • Includes lamp selector
  • Selectable output current:
    • Without lamp selector
      • Minimum 300 mA, 30-34 VDC (optimized range)
      • Minimum 200 mA, 35-50 VDC
    • With selector
      • Minimum 400 mA, 10-29 VDC 
  • Total of six BSL310 models are UL Recognized for either U.S. or Canadian installation. U.S. models include: BSL310, polycarbonate case, no conduit; BSL310M, metal case, no conduit; BSL310C, metal case with conduit. Canadian UL Recognized models (120-277V) include: BSL310-CAN, BSL310M-CAN and BSL310C-CAN.
  • For factory installation only

For more information, please contact us at 800.223.57.28.

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