HID Backup Ballasts

Product Announcement from Philips Emergency Lighting

HID Backup Ballasts-Image

The Philips Bodine ARC Keeper family is designed to eliminate nuisance downtime in HID metal halide lighting systems and allow HID fixtures to serve as emergency lighting units. ARC Keepers work by preventing the lamp arc from extinguishing during short-duration AC utility power disturbances. No arc loss means no need for the lengthy restrike periods common to HID systems.

ARC Keeper models are available for pulse-start and probe-start lamps (PLS and PRB), extended temperature ranges (Arctic ARC Keeper) and low-wattage applications (e-ARC Keeper). ARC Keeper HID Backup Ballasts are ideal for gymnasiums, parking garages, hangars, warehouses and other high-bay installations. e-ARC Keepers are suited to low-ceiling, low-wattage uses such as retail stores and lobbies.