Miniature High Speed, 2 Headed Microscopy Camera

Product Announcement from Photron

Miniature High Speed, 2 Headed Microscopy Camera -Image

The FASTCAM MC2 is an affordable high speed camera specifically designed to provide production line engineers with the tools they need to be able to quickly locate and fix costly faults on the production line.
Its twin camera heads and tiny (35mm or 1.5" cubed) and very light sensitive and are connected to the processor via 7m (23 foot) flexible cables to enable the FASTCAM MC2 to be easily mounted on and around trouble hot spots, and does not require bulky bracketry or an employee permanently standing by to hold the camera. When a fault occurs, a signal can be sent via the TTL or switch closure connector on the front panel to trigger the cameras to make a high speed recording that shows exactly what caused the blockage, jam or other common but troublesome problem.

Recording at speeds as fast as 10,000 frames, or pictures, per second, the FASTCAM MC2 provides the tools required to find and fix problems, improve line efficiency, and so provide you a fast ROI.

Available in three models (both color or monochrome versions) of 500 fps top speed, 2,000fps, and the top of the range 10,000fps, and with 1GB, 2GB or 4GB memory options to provides up to eight seconds record time at 1,000 fps (4sec with the 1GB option). Gigabit Ethernet, or the optional RS-422 remote control keypad with built in 5" LCD display, make setting up the camera and downloading recorded high speed videos easy and intuitive.

The FASTCAM MC2 is a powerful tool, especially given the pressure of maintaining optimum line speeds and efficiency in today's ever more competitive world.