ultima APX-i2

Product Announcement from Photron

ultima APX-i2-Image

he APX-i2 brings the many benefits of an intensified head to the ultima APX. Providing true mega pixel resolution (1,048,576 ten bit pixels per frame) to 2,000 frames per second (fps) and with gating down to twenty nanoseconds, the intensified head is swappable with either the monochrome or color camera heads on any existing ultima APX system; meaning one APX processor can support ALL three different camera heads without needing retuning or modification.

Another real nice feature of the ultima APX-i2 is the ability to offset sequential frames by as little as one nanosecond. This enables cyclical events, such as inkjet printer operation to be recorded with one image per cycle, and as little time as a single nanosecond between frames to give an apparent equivalent framing rate of 1,000,000,000 fps at mega pixel resolution! For applications requiring a fast and truly cyclical framing rate, the APX-i2 retains the APX's ability to operate as fast as 120,000 fps and preserves all the features that have made the ultima APX the best selling mega-pixel camera in the world.

Utilizing the exact same sensor as used in the EMMY AWARE WINNING ultima APX, the 'i2 provides exceptional performance in applications, such as combustion, where sensitivity is just as important as high speed capability.