Miniature Piezoelectric Tubes

Featured Product from PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

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Available in two sizes and custom designs, these new tubes are suitable for the most precise applications.


Piezo ceramics specialist PI Ceramic (a division of PI Physik Instrumente) complements its line of piezo transducers with a new line of ultra-compact tubes, with inner diameters down to 200 microns. These new piezoelectric micro-tubes are suitable for nanopositioning, fiber alignment, and imaging applications in medical, optics/photonics, and microscopy applications.

200 Microns Inner Diameter
The new ultra-small piezo tube transducers are come in two standard sizes: 0.2/0.5mm ID/OD (inner/outer diameter) with 4mm length, and 0.9/1.5mm ID/OD with 15mm length.

Custom Geometries, Materials, and Electrodes
Custom geometries (length, diameter) and custom materials are available, in addition to the large variety of standard piezo tubes and tubular stack transducers offered by PI. Customers can choose from electrodes applied in thick-film and thin film technology. Other options include multi-segmented electrodes for multi-axis scanning operation and modified response behavior as well as wrap-around contacts for easy integration into a mechanical assembly.

Piezoelectric tubes are suitable for applications in the field of medical imaging, such as endoscopy, microscopy, fiber optics, and photonics.