Get LWD focused transducers in less time

Product Announcement from Meggitt Piezo Technologies

Get LWD focused transducers in less time-Image

As a member of the oil and gas industry, you need clear, high resolution data when faced with critical wellbore positioning and integrity decisions.
How can we help?By providing high performance, standard focused transducers that: 

  • Easily integrate into various tooling systems
  • Minimize equipment downtime by providing a solution for new logging tool designs and quick turn replacement parts for the field
  • Feature a rugged, high-temperature, high-pressure design – enabling units to survive the increasingly harsh environments of LWD applications
  • Reduce impact with the hole wall and debris, allowing for increased operational effectiveness, with a compact design

Why choose us?In the oil and gas industry, you need acoustic solutions that are built to withstand the harshest elements on earth. For 25 years, Piezo Technologies has delivered high performance ultrasonic transducers, using advanced piezoceramic designs, for inherent reliability and outstanding versatility.