Microscopy Stage: PZ 300 AP

Product Announcement from Piezosystem Jena, Inc.

Microscopy Stage: PZ 300 AP-Image

PZ 300 AP

  • low profile piezoelectric microscopy Z-stage
  • travel range of 300 microns
  • high resolution direct measuring metrology
  • fits a standard Frame K opening (e.g. Märzhäuser and PRIOR)
  • free aperture supports standard multi-well size
  • lowest settling time because of high dynamic performance
  • especially suited for confocal fluorescence laser scanning applications

The low profile piezoelectrical microscopy stage, PZ 300 AP, is especially designed to suit microscopy applications and confocal fluorescence laser scanning systems. It allows seamless integration into most of the popular commercial motorized XY stages within upright and inverse microscopy assemblies. The stage opening supports sample holders and inserts that offer the multi-well standard e.g. multi-well and microtitre plates, slides, petri dishes, chambers, and mini incubators.

The sample plane is coincident to the illumination focus of inverted stages i.e. no condenser extender is necessary. Due to FEA optimization, the dynamic behavior allows you to scan “step-by-step” at working frequencies up to 50 Hz. With a typical settling time of only 20 ms, the stage reaches an outstanding accuracy within a few nanometers.

The direct metrology of the capacitive sensors eliminates typical drift and hysteresis effects completely. Based on this, long term stability is guaranteed. This makes the PZ 300 AP microscopy stage an excellent solution for applications where high resolution, high dynamics, and universal use are required.