Rotary Stage

Product Announcement from Piezosystem Jena, Inc.

Rotary Stage-Image
  • rotary stroke up to 11 mrad
  • high dynamical performance
  • high planar behavior
  • well centered, defined axis of rotation 0.2 µrad / 0.02 µrad resolution
  • 3 mm free aperture
  • integrated temperature compensation


  • fiber alignment
  • material sciences / crystallography
  • laser beam steering

The ROTOR 10 and the ROTOR 10 SG, one axis low voltage rotary stages, are a development within our ultra-fast ROTOR line. They provide a long steering and scanning range of up to 11 mrad. The well defined axis of rotation is centrically located. An incorporated free aperture makes these stages useful for axial beam applications.

Due to FEA-optimization, these stages meet the highest dynamical performance and high planar guiding accuracy. This is accomplished even with high mass loads in a compact package.
Our optimization also incorporates excellent temperature compensation properties for the stage.

The sophisticated monolithic guidance design of the solid flexure hinges means the trajectory is free of mechanical play and friction - a feature provided by all psj-stages.