Triple Beam Interferometer

Product Announcement from Piezosystem Jena, Inc.

Triple Beam Interferometer-Image

Our triple-beam interferometers are intended for incorporation into customer supplied systems. They combine three interferometers into a single unit, and thus allow making simultaneous, nanometer precision, triaxial length measurements.

Angles may be determined with high precision from the differences between pairs of length measurements and the respective beam separations involved. The dynamic ranges for pitch and yaw measurements are approximately two minutes of arc. A He-Ne laser emitting an ultra-stable wavelength supplies all three interferometers so that all three length measurements will be based on the same reference length. A single fiber optic light guide conducts its output beam to the interferometric sensor head. Motion of the moving mirrors are converted into modulated signals that are transmitted to the electronic power-supply / signal-processing unit.

The He-Ne laser, which is frequency stabilized in cases where large displacements are to be measured, along with corrections for barometric pressure and ambient temperature variations, form the basis for high metric precision. Operation of the electronic power supply/signal processing unit and display of measurement data employ a PC running the associated software package.

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