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Air Operated Pinch Valves
Series HSA Air-operated pinch valve designed for corrosive slurries; long-life EPDMh2 sleeve with a variety of pipe sizes and connection materials.


  • Breakthrough variable thickness sleeve design eliminates twisting and tearing of the pinch element.
  • EPDM Sleeve tested to over 1,000,000 cycles in laboratory conditions.
  • Sleeve design is ideal for slurries, chemicals, and high purity applications.
  • High flow rate and bubble tight shutoff: A highperformance, clean and affordable alternative to airoperated diaphragm valve and ball valves.
  • True union connections for easy installation and maintenance.
  • No metal parts; safe for corrosive environments.


  • Body Materials: Polypro (non-wetted)
  • Wetted Materials: PVC, CPVC, PP or PVDF; EPDMh2
  • Full port design


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