Solenoid Valves Solve Chemical Feed Problems

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Solenoid operation provides instant on/off for precise control; Teflon bellows design eliminates fugitive emissions

50% Sodium Hydroxide, 93% Sulfuric Acid

In this typical industrial waste treatment system, the effluent from the manufacturing area is transferred to a treatment tank where either a caustic base to raise pH, or acid to lower pH, is injected to bring the pH into acceptable environmental levels.

Direct acting solenoid valves provide instant on/off, which is necessary for precise dosing. To eliminate corrosion problems and premature failures, the valves were selected with Grade 1, Type 1 PVC body and Viton seals for acid, EPDM seals for caustic. Valve design features no wetted metal parts, and has the added benefit of a Teflon bellows internal seal for long smooth cycle life and to prevent fugitive emissions.

The pressurized feed lines are teed off just prior to the solenoid valve to assure adequate chemical pressure at all times.

Direct Acting, Normally-Closed PTFE Bellows Seal Solenoid Valves Series EASMT/EASYMT
True Blue® Solenoid Valves Series EASMT & EASYMT for pressure, drain, and vacuum service; designed for all types of aggressive chemicals, salt solutions, acids, caustics, and ultrapure liquids such as deionized water.
*NOW INCLUDES W24 Fully Rectified Coil with Z-Cool DIN • Uses 75% Less Energy
Rectified R24 Coil Optional


  • Sizes: 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ & 1″
  • Body Materials: Geon PVC, Corzan CPVC, Natural Polypro, Kynar PVDF
  • Seal Materials: FKM, EPDM
  • 1,000,000+ cycles tested under laboratory conditions; some applications report over 2,000,000 cycles in field use. Your results may vary.
  • No metal parts in wetted area — Optional Xylan coated springs and fasteners available; consult factory.
  • Rugged molded construction.
  • Patented Fail-Dry® vented design.
  • Resistant to atmospheric corrosion.
  • PTFE bellows design eliminates the problems often encountered with highly aggressive chemicals, also eliminates the need to have multiple types of valves on hand.
  • Molded corrosion-resistant coil assembly.
  • W24 Coil with “COOL” DIN Connector is now standard; uses 75% less energy than previous design. R24 Coil is optional and ideal for applications that are energized less frequently. Both coils are rated for continuous duty.
  • IP-65 rated enclosure; CE Marked.
  • All valves are individually inspected and 100% tested.
  • Standard coil connector light indicates when valve is energized.
  • Supersedes Series EASM, EASYM, EASMD & EASYMD.


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