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Versatile Shutoff Valves Offer Economical Alternative to Actuated Ball Valves
Series BSR/BSRM Balanced Air-Operated Shutoff Valves provide positive, bubble tight, fail-safe shutoff featuring normally-closed operation.

Balanced Design Explained:
In this design, the surface area of the pressurized seat and seals is equal to the area of the main orifice.

•Liquid pressure has no impact on shaft movement. 
•No need for pressure differential
•Inlet and outlet pressures can be equal up to 150 PSI.

Smooth Operator:
Series BSR is a robust, globe style valve with no wetted metals and features a heavy-duty fail safe spring. Air opens the valve, spring automatically closes when air pressure is shut off.

•Spring is isolated from the process liquid by double u-cups on the shaft.
•Valve shaft is ultra-smooth
•Smooth shaft and u-cups combine for superior non-stick actuation, positive closure
•Ultimate longevity – tested to over 1,000,000 cycles under laboratory conditions.

These features make this valve a clear favorite in any application where the valve absolutely, positively must close bubble-tight under virtually any circumstances.

Why BSR is Better than an Air Actuated Ball Valve:
It's important to understand that in this valve, pressurized air works directly on the piston and valve seat. By contrast, in an air-actuated ball valve, pressurized air works on pistons that move gears, which cause the valve shaft to rotate, and ultimately the ball...it takes significantly longer to close, and the design inherently has more opportunities to misfire.

•Smaller size fits in extremely compact installations
•No friction on any of the valve seats, so there is less wear and tear 
•No o-rings to replace, less downtime

Once installed, the BSR requires no periodic tightening and significantly less maintenance than the average ball valve.

Because of its lower cost and high backpressure ratings, BSR is also an ideal alternative to air operated diaphragm valves.

If you're unsure which valve is best for any given application, we encourage you to take advantage of Plast-O-Matic's unmatched Technical Services team at 973-256-3000.

Series BSR/BSRM is available in Grade 1, Type 1 Geon PVC, as well as non-pigmented natural polypropylene with a choice of FKM or EPDM seats. Pipe sizes range from 1/2" through 2" with NPT, socket, metric, flange, and other connection types.


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