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GigE Vision EFG for Skoopia Block Cameras

Featured Product from Pleora Technologies Inc.

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Pleora Technologies and Skoopia proudly introduce the industry’s first external frame grabber that adds GigE Vision connectivity to Skoopia’s 21Z30S series block cameras. The combined solution helps designers and integrators leverage the ease-of-use of Skoopia blocks with the cabling and networking advantages of Pleora’s external frame grabber to boost performance, lower costs, and speed time-to-market for machine vision applications.

Skoopia portfolio of blocks offer 30x and 10x optical zoom delivering object capture without resolution loss, while remaining in focus (auto-focus). Integrating Pleora’s iPORT SKB-GigE external frame grabber, Skoopia blocks transmit full-resolution low latency video, power, and control signals to existing ports on a computer over a GigE link for distances up to 100 meters using standard CAT5e/6 cabling.

Designers can reduce system size, cost, and power consumption by using smaller form-factor computing platforms, including laptops and embedded devices, for processing. The networking flexibility of GigE means images from multiple Skoopia block cameras can be aggregated to a single port, and/or images from one camera can be multicast to multiple endpoints.

In comparison competing solutions require multiple cables for video transmission and control, external power sources, and PCIe frame grabbers to capture images. This results in more complex systems, longer design times, higher costs, and limited component selection.