VHD6 Series VCXO CMOS Oscillator

Featured Product from Pletronics, Inc.

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Pletronics’ VHD6 Series is a voltage controlled crystal oscillator with a CMOS output.  This model uses fundamental mode crystals with no multiplication circuits.  Tape and Reel or tube packaging is available.


• 1 to 108 MHz

• 3.2 x 5 mm Ceramic LCC Package

• Voltage Control Function on pad 1

• Enable/ Disable Function on pad 2

• 2.5 or 3.3V Supply Voltage

Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Parameter / Unit

VCC Supply Voltage -0.5V to 5.5V

Vi Input Voltage -0.5V to VCC 0.5V

Vo Output Voltage -0.5V to VCC 0.5V

Thermal Characteristics

The maximum die or junction temperature is 155oC.  The thermal resistance junction to board is 60 to 100oC/Watt depending on the solder pads, ground plane and construction of the PCB.