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Enhance environmental protection of mobile electronics

Mobile electronics manufacturers know the importance of keeping their electronics running smoothly. To ensure your customers stay connected with their mobile devices, our high-performance POREX® Virtek™ IP rated PTFE vents are designed to provide pressure equalization, plus protection from dust, water, sweat and other contaminants.

Specifically designed for mobile devices, our vents:

  • Reduce pressure buildup–Allow heat to escape electronic enclosures, protecting enclosure seals from premature failure.
  • Protect from contaminants–Repels water, dust, sweat, oils and other liquids from entering the device.
  • Assemble easily–The strong POREX Virtek™ sintered structure allows handling and welding without the cumbersome assembly instructions and process typical of common expanded PTFE.
    DimensionsMaterial Series
    OD/ID (mm)* PMV10L PMV15 PMV20 PMV30  
    7.0/3.0 (N) PMV10LN PMV15N PMV20N PMV30N
    10.0/7.0 (I) PMV10LI PMV15I PMV20I PMV30I
    12.7/7.1 (W) PMV10LW PMV15W PMV20W PMV30W
    20.0/13.0 (C) PMV10LC PMV15C PMV20C PMV30C


    DimensionsMaterial Series
    OD/ID (mm)* PMV15 Feature
    12.7/7.1 (W) PMV15WH High temperature adhesive
    12.7/7.1 (W) PMV15TWH Oleophobic with high temp adhesive
    *1000 discs/roll
    N, I, W & C are size codes.
    Many other standard and custom sizes available. Contact Porex.


    POREX® Virtek™ PTFE Membrane Application Materials — Typical Properties
    Application MaterialIP Rating †WEP mbarAirflow l/hr/cm² @70mbarFiltration Efficiency** >99.99%Thickness mmMax Operating Temp °CUL-94/746C*Salt Fog
    PMV10 64,67 270 125 0.5 µ 0.13 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
    PMV10L*** 64,67 270 85 0.5 µ 0.3 100°C No pen.
    PMV15 64,67 380 70 0.4 µ 0.18 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
    ‡PMV15T 64,67 380 70 0.4 µ 0.18 260°C No pen.
    PMV20 64,65,68 520 34 0.1 µ 0.25 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
    PMV25 65,67,68 750 15 0.2 µ 0.1 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
    PMV30 65,66,67,68 1000 4.5 0.1 µ 0.25 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
    WEP = Water Entry Pressure
    RoHS, WEEE, REACH Compliant
    ** According to IEST RP-CC007.2 2009
    ***Laminated polyolefin mesh backing
    † IEC std. 60529, IP 68 is a user defined test; will pass condition dependent
    ‡ Oleophobic Grade 8, AATCC TM 118
    Properties are typical and not meant for specifications.
    Properties for membrane only, selected options and adhesives may affect properties.
    Testing results available upon request


    POREX® Virtek™ PTFE Vent Plugs — Typical Properties
    Part #Diameter mmThickness mmWEP mbarIP Rating †Vent Airflow l/hr/cm² @70mbarMax Operating Temp °CUL-94 Rating
    PD103032 3.2 3 450 64,67,68 1 260°C 5VA, f1
    Plugs meet UL-94 5VA and F1 rating.
    Assembly methods include: press fit, over-moulding, compression seal, or flange welding.


    Adhesive Vent Available Sizes
    Available Sizes
    OD (in mm)ID (in mm)
    7 3
    10 7
    10.2 6.5
    11 7
    12.7 7.1
    13 10
    14.8 11
    14.8 7
    15.8 9
    16 11
    18 13
    18.6 10.6
    19.1 11.5
    20 13
    25.4 19
    50 30

    *Highlighted rows indicate stock items.

    Custom sizes available upon request

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