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Your source for thermoset composite materials

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Looking for a reliable source for thermoset composite materials? 
Look no further than Port Plastics. We offer NEMA and Mil-Spec grades like G-10, G-11, FR4, G-3, G-5, G-7, G-9, and paper, canvas & linen phenolic. Our sheet, rod, and tube options can be CNC cut to your exact specifications. Contact our Composite Material Specialist

Port Plastics
The Industry Leader in Engineered Plastics!
A leader in plastics distribution with branches across the US, Port Plastics offers an extensive portfolio of rod, plate, and tube for machining and fabrication.

From olefins and transparent sheet to imidized and fluorinated engineering materials, Port Plastics'?
product range serves applications in virtually every industry.

• Engineering plastics for machining and fabrication
• Industrial laminates and tapes
• Flexible and rigid tubing
• Transparent sheet products
• Corrosion resistant sheet materials

Port routinely brings leading edge technology to customers in the form of new enhanced-performance materials that offer improvements in:

• Static control and electrical properties
• Strength and stability at temperature extremes
• Long term performance in aggressive chemicals
• Significantly longer bearing and wear life
• Latest regulatory requirements

Decades of experience plus the tech support of leading suppliers help solve problems and pinpoint optimum material options.

By coupling high volume buying power with extensive inventory and strong supplier relationships, Port delivers exceptional service at highly competitive prices.

Customer Advantage built on over 50 years of customer service.