Encoder Provides a High Degree of Accuracy

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                        Portescap pairs accuracy and feedback positioning with its newest M Sense B Encoder

Portescap's M Sense B encoder is designed specifically for applications that require high accuracy in a compact design. The M Sense B is the first in its class to offer accuracy in the range of 1-1.5 degrees covering a resolution band up to 1024 lines with an integrated line driver resulting in accurate positioning and speed control.

The M Sense B encoder offers a solution to a variety of applications with its line driver in a single chip leading to its small and compact design. The output connection provides excellent flexibility for easier integration with the rest of the application, all in a low-cost package. Application industries include but are not limited to medical pumps, medical imaging, life sciences, security and access robotics, and aerospace and defense.

The M Sense B features high accuracy up to 1.5 degrees for more accurate application control, reducing the risk of mechanical error. The integrated line driver reduces the need for an additional customer-end driver by providing long communication lines handled directly between encoder and the driver. Resolution up to 1024 delivers higher accuracy on angular measurements – excellent for closed look motion feedback and accurate positioning. Cable output flexibility is available in both axial and radial options offering a compact mechanical design in a smaller package.

The M Sense B encoder pairs great with many of Portescap’s Brush DC and Brushless DC options that require feedback control. The M Sense line of encoders will offer additional sizes in the future.

M Sense B

The M Sense B magnetic encoder provides a high degree of accuracy ideal for applications requiring accurate positioning and closed loop motion feedback. It is available with a wide range of resolution up to 1024 lines and comes with an integrated line driver.

Motor Highlights

  • Compatible with Brush DC motor frame sizes from 16mm to 35mm

  • Accuracy up to 1.5 degrees

  • Integrated RS422 line driver

  • Resolution up to 1024


    Customization Available

  • Axial and radial cable output available

  • Output cables direction

  • Cables and connectors output

  • Low temperature version (-40°C)




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