HIgh-Power, Cost Effective, and Long Life Linears

Featured Product from Portescap


The 35DBM-L is a high-power non-captive miniature linear actuator that provides up to 112 N of linear force in a 35 mm frame size.

Motor Highlights

  • Long life - ball bearing design

  • Non Captive design

    Customization Available

  • Stroke length- longer/shorter

  • Coil modifications - resistance and inductance

  • Magnets - to yield higher linear force or reduced detent levels

  • Reduced or increased detent force to suit the application

  • Screw - metric or imperial tips, length

  • Special flanges, connectors, end of motion detection sensors

  • Wire harness - connectors, pins, lead length, shrink tubing

  • High continuous linear force output for size

  • Digitally controlled - easy to use with a micro processor

  • Cost effective - compact design, lower integration cost