Industrial Manipulators

Product Announcement from Positech Corporation

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HANDLING PROCEDURE: Pick up a roll of plastic film from a cart in the horizontal position. Once the roll is gripped, it will be pitched down 90° to a vertical orientation and placed on a shipping pallet. The reverse is also possible, where the roll will be brought into the work cell on a pallet in a vertical orientation, picked up from the pallet and pitched 90° to a horizontal orientation for placement on a cart.

PROBLEM: The roll, which is material used in automotive windshields, is very heavy and expensive to manufacture. The largest roll is 63" in length, 30" in diameter and weighs 1,450 lbs. While the core diameter remains constant at 6", the length, width and weight will vary. Cycle time was not a critical factor, as they move 10 units per hour. The vertical travel is a prime concern in order to be able to retract the material handling device in the vertical orientation. Operator safety is the top priority, when considering the weight of the rolls to be handled, but the manipulator's safety features should not inhibit the ability to easily transfer the rolls.


  • Large, heavy rolls of plastic film.
  • When moving the largest roll that is 63" in length for placement on the shipping pallet,must have enough room to remove the ID poke.
  • 1,450 lb. maximum payload capacity.
  • Prevent release of the roll if sudden loss of air occurs.


  • TPA-25 Hydraulic Manipulator, with 2,500 lbs. of tooling/payload capacity and 64" of vertical lift.
  • Spring applied/air released ID poke.
  • Main post powered rotation.
  • Caliper brakes on the middle joint and endjoint.
  • Air to Air Booster to raise plant air from 80 Psi to 150 Psi to release grip shoes on the poke.
  • Air counter balanced T-handle operator's control.
  • Spring applied shoes will "fail" in the open position. In the event of loss of plant air, this maintains a grip on the roll.

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