Positioning Arm

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HANDLING DESCRIPTION Install front and rear tire assemblies (tire, rim with hub, & wheel weight) onto the axles of farm tractors and harvesters. Various tire sizes from 36 to 94 inch diameter and 18 to 49.5 inch width and up to 6,000 Lbs.

PROBLEM The tire assembly needs to be orientated such that the hub centerline is parallel to the centerline of the axle. There is a close fit between the hub ID and axle OD. The tire assembly must be rotated to align the hub key with the axle keyway. Thus, the tire assembly is lifted, pitched, swiveled and rotated during installation onto the axle. An overhead hoist with a sling or C-frame lifting device was used for lifting; however, this method lacked control and safety.


  • Handle various sizes of tire assemblies
  • Lift, pitch, and swivel tire assembly so the hub and axle centerlines are parallel
  • Rotate tire assembly to align keyway
  • Position tire to desired tread width
  • 530 to 6000 Lbs. payload weight


  • Taurus Model 15 & Special Vertical Lift Cylinder
  • Fixed floor pedestal, fixed overhead mounting, or powered overhead trolley and crane system
  • Custom designed hydraulic powered tool to lift, pitch and rotate various tire assemblies (V-Lift for larger sizes has powered swivel)
  • All movements of V-Lift are powered with PLC controlled safety circuits
  • Taurus requires operator to maneuver tire assemblies using ergonomic steering handles
  • Operator control station for convenient operation of the powered functions
  • Conveyor system with up-enders to position tire assemblies in a vertical position for installation using the manipulator By incorporating superior material handling practices through Positech solutions you can achieve: • A safer workplace • Reduced handling related injuries • Enhanced process flow • Improved product quality • Increased profitability Use the Product Details web link on the right to learn more and call us (800) 831-6026, or e mail us to discuss your specific material handling challenges and how we can solve them