Roll Handling - Ergonomics & efficiency CASE STUDY

Service Detail from Positech Corporation

Roll Handling - Ergonomics & efficiency CASE STUDY-Image

Material Handling Requirement:

  • Pick up 1,450 lb roll from horizontal
  • Rotate 90 degrees to vertical
  • Place on shipping pallet
  • Reverse procedure

Solution: Hydraulic Manipulator 2,500lbs payload & 64" vertical lift


The roll, which is material used in automotive windshields, is very heavy and expensive to manufacture. The largest roll is 63" in length, 30" in diameter and weighs 1,450 lbs. While the core diameter remains constant at 6", the length, width and weight will vary. Cycle time was not a critical factor, as they move 10 units per hour. The vertical travel is a prime concern in order to be able to retract the material handling device in the vertical orientation. Operator safety is the top priority, when considering the weight of the rolls to be handled, but the manipulator's safety features should not inhibit the ability to easily transfer the rolls.

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