Vertical Lift Cylinder Solves Ergonomic issue

Product Announcement from Positech Corporation

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This is just one example of how Positech develops effective solutions to material handling challenges. We design, manufacture and install a broad range of lifing and positioning equipment.

PROBLEM Seat weight increased beyond single operator capability


· Pick seat weighing up to 150 lbs. from a pallet.

· Position seats inside tractor cab from either driver or passenger side.

· Work area coverage 28' x 28'

· Vertical travel requirement is 60".

· Tooling must provide for operation from either side in order to allow placement into either side of cab.

· Tooling must hold seat securely without damage

· Gripping tool must swivel 15 degrees in all directions.

• Rigid style Vertical Lift Cylinder.
• Square frame trolley with Unified box rail truck.
• A 30' x 50' Unified ETA-8 workstation crane with Saturn electric powered tractor drive system to move the bridge rails on the runways.
• Custom designed seat handling tool.
• Includes a flat "spatula" member, which extends between the seat cushion and the bottom of the seat back.
• Includes two trapping fingers, which extend down along the front of the cushion and curl under the front of the seat.
• Includes an air powered round disk, which is pressed down onto the seat cushion.
• The combination of these three components effectively trap and hold the many different variety of seats being handled. Yet it is easy to engage and disengage.
• The tooling is mounted to a ball in socket swivel, providing full movement in all directions.

As a single-source supplier of customized positioning technology, Positech has developed a winning approach to material handling solutions. Call or e mail us to discuss your specific application and lifting/positioning needs.