Vertical Lifters

Product Announcement from Positech Corporation

Vertical Lifters-Image

HANDLING PROCEDURE: Transfer large drive assemblies around a workcell. The drives enter the workcell on a conveyor and transferred to one of two work positioners or directly to a special conveyor pallet. Drives are rotated 90 degrees CW or CCW depending on the load position.

PROBLEM: Operators are using a chain and hoist solution to transfer parts. It has been deemed an unsafe environment with several dropped parts. Accurate placement in workstation positioners and pallets can not be achieved. Operators are not meeting cycle times with the present handling method.


  • Safe transfer of parts!
  • Overhead system required due to distance between innerfacing equipment.
  • Grip area on the drives is restricted due to innerfacing with the positioners and pallets.
  • Precise positioning of parts required.
  • Prevent release unless the part is supported.
  • Parts rotated 90 degrees CW-CCW.
  • Large difference between incoming and outbound conveyors.
  • Control interface with workstation positioners. 2100 lbs. maximum payload capacity

The Bottom Line By incorporating superior material handling practices through Positech solutions, you can achieve: • A safer workplace • Reduced handling related injuries • Enhanced process flow • Improved product quality • Increased profitability

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