Custom PDU for Shipboard with Startup Delay

Featured Product from Powerstar UPS Inc.

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Made In USA by Powerstar Inc.

Shipboard Power Distribution Unit This versatile box can be customized with many options. This Anodized Aluminum box is capable of handling 50Amp or more. Top and bottom panels have countersunk recessed screw heads. Optional Startup delay circuits to reduce those huge startup loads on the Power source. Circuit Breakers, LED indicators and more...

Top and bottom panels have countersunk recessed screw heads. We can also create a box for you in 304 grade stainless steel. We can build this to meet your needs.

User selectable items:

· The number and type of outlets,

· The number and type of switches or breakers

· Illuminated power indicators

· A small UPS such as our PS502-750 can be housed inside. 750VA.

· Time delay circuits

· A/B switch for selecting 2 different power sources for your loads.

· Labeling

· Color

· The Box size is also an option (1u-3u)

Time Delay circuits (optional) These Time Delay circuits can delay the starting time of power up of connected units so the shipboard power system is not hit with the initial start-up load surge from all devices at the same time. They can be set from a few seconds of delay up to minutes of delay. Multiple delay circuits may be added if necessary.

A/B switch A manual 30A selector switch can be added. The switch can normally be used to select from 2 different power sources but you may have a different need. Our A/B switch is illuminated showing its position.

Relay A relay can be added for remotely controlling a circuit or to give remote viewing of the status of incoming power.

Isolation / Step-down Transformer A transformer can be added as needed for your project. We have a wide variety of sizes available.