Low $ eXtreme duty - Outdoor Camera UPS /Runtime

Featured Product from Powerstar UPS Inc.

The Powerstar eXtreme duty Outdoor PS502-550XeM book shaped UPS /surge suppressor with Extended Runtimes

12 year battery/ 550VA 330Woutput 120VAC UPS; tested @150°F for 24 hours. This unit will not shut down from temperature extremes.

 The PS502-550xeM This UPS specially built for Outdoor enclosure power applications e.g. power pole mounted surveillance cameras, WIFI link points. The unit has a total of 8ea. NEMA 5-15 outlets; 4 surge suppression only & 4 more outlets with surge suppression & UPS back up. It is mounted in a NEMA 4 weatherized metal cabinet. This UPS can supply 330 watts /550VA of stepped sine wave 60Hz output power. The PS502-550xeM comes with a 204VAhr eXtreme life valve-regulated lead acid battery (VRLA) that has a rated life of 12 years @25°C.  The battery also has a 2 year shelf life.  Read specifics of the Battery pack here.

It will run >11minutes@full load (330 watts), >38minutes@150W. It protects your equipment with a surge energy rating of 340 Joules & full time multi-pole noise filtering: 5% IEEE surge let-through and zero clamping response. It meets UL1449. It also contains Telco connector feed through to protect a data line or phone line from surges. Operating range is -40°C to +80°C with our x SERIES 12 YEAR battery or -15° to +50°C with our long life (8-10years) Premium cell lower cost cell.  The PS502-550xeM weight is ~22 lb (~10kg). The UPS ~size is 3.43”(88mm)x 12.2”(310mm)x 7.5”(190mm).

 Powerstar specializes in ruggedized UPS for Naval and Land use. We have been building UPS for the military services since 1993. Contact Powerstar at 1800-209-5556 or find a sales engineer http://www.powerstarinc.com/contactus.html or Email tim.carr@powerstarinc.com

  • PSrbc502-550heM  8-10 year life Premium cell is available. Battery replaceable with simple tools.
  • LED alarms on front panel. Automatic battery self-test bi-weekly.
  • If you are using a PC, it connects to PC via USB cable (supplied) to notify PC it is on backup power. Software included. Windows PC will begin shutdown procedure when battery is close to exhaustion. Works with MAC OSX also.
  • 5 foot power cord with 3 prong NEMA 5-15p
  • Noise & spike dampening on the input line protects all outlets. Surge rating 340 Joules
  • Dual pole input circuit breaker for Delta power ships or SP for commercial land based use
  • Metallic weather resistant housing
  • RoHS Compliance FCC part 15 Class B, Part 68, TUV,UL1778

Powerstar Inc. Gaithersburg, MD 20877 USA 800-209-5556  powerstar1@aol.com

West Coast & International +1925-270-0970 Tim.Carr@powerstarinc.com



2 year warranty included. Normal shipping in <30 days