Shipboard UPS 1.55KVA MIL-S-901D-A PS6000isoA

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Powerstar Inc. since 1993. Made in US. Now released as the PS6000r2iso-A . The Rev.2 model is Fit, Form Function equivalent to previous model and offers a new 2 line Text readout metering panel showing voltages, currents, Watts, VA, estimated Runtime + any alarm that may exist.  A Navy standard from CAGE 0ZAP8, Isolated 984 watts, rack mount shipboard approved Barge Tested! -Delta power. passed MIL-S-901D A&B, Features and Specifications: PS6000-ISO-gradeA UPS 1.55 kva isolated UPS built for Shipboard power. Tested for MIL-S-901-A,MIL-Std-167 and isolation transformer built to UL 2601. 45 day delivery. This unit has multiple  National Stock Number. We are priced very competitively. Rack mount Dimensions 19 x 5 1/4 x 20 inches depth w/ Isolation Transformer. We also offer a PS6000-1A This is a 15 inch depth w/o Isolation transformer and built to full heavy shock standards. We offer the Iso model as a "Half Back". Only 1/2 of the back is 20". Other 1/2 is 15" deep and that is where the power connectors are located. Nice safe place to protect those I/O connectors. A "Fullback" model is also available if you like symmetry. Very high MBTF and low MTTR Input voltage range 75v-154v @120volts adjustable 47-63hz autosensing ~80 lbs with Isolation transformer Mil 901D and 167 Grade A approved with no external fuses-all circuit breakers, 39109 mil standard dual pole breaker takes over 120g shock (includes a finger guard) front or rear mounted. Stainless steel ups shell, single board mother board & tied down to pass the venerable barge test - it is rugged!! They blew it up and it kept working. Inrush current protector for ugly power and hi-inrush stabilization i.e. 25 amp pdu to 15 amp UPS- optional. 1.55 kva rackmount 3U UPS with 984W output capacity. Field-proven 2KVA galvanic input isolation transformer  which meets UL2601-1 4000v hi-pot test @35microamp leakage PS9630 Intelligent SNMP 100BT Ethernet card may be added , web enabled. PS9631 SNMP with Environmental monitor and Dry Contact Card is Optional. This card has Ethernet and a temperature probe for reporting temperature at the site. Also this card can add a PS9810 Dry Contact adapter. The PS9810 has 2 inputs and 1 output  Form C relay. These can receive signals and send them via the Net card, or shutdown the UPS from a signal. Also the Output can be used to signal that an Alarm or condition has changed in the UPS.  It could be used for LOSS OF MAINS message to a computer for example.  USB connector to connect to a PC for Graceful Shutdown. Windows recognizes this UPS and will auto configure itself for use with a UPS. USB also used to program this UPS.  RJ51X / RS232 serial port comes standard. If you use this serial port, a DB9 adapter is also supplied.  NOTE: 'Dumb mode' signaling is not supported with the new PS6000r2 or PS6000r2-ISO-A versions.  PS9620 Legacy Card is available. This card returns the previous generation DB9 Serial port including 'Dumb mode' handshaking. Dumb mode is a high/low transition signal for LOSS OF MAINS and LOW BATTERY signaling to external equipment.  Please note, if the PS9620 card is used, a PS9630 Network card cannot be used. See PS9631 for a work-around.  Mil connectors MS3102,MSxxxx,twistlock, 5-15 locking or NEMA 5-15 are available. Up to 10 year battery life and -4 to+122F temperature rating with our Navy tested Premium 'H' battery. Discharge temp rating up to +140°F. Our standard battery rated 3-5 years and 32-105°f. Optional rack mounting kit such as Jonathan, Powerstar, or designed stainless steel A standard rail kit is supplied for mounting in a 4 post 19" rack. A Master Bypass switch option (MB) is available  for master on/off and battle override. This connects the Input power MAINS directly to output sockets if the UPS were to fail. APC Powerchute +™  shutdown software is supplied. We have an option for remote shutdown via software also- remote shutoff AP9830 Welded stainless steel construction weight without ISO is 60 lbs-PS6000-1A Front exit batteries for shipboard racks hotswappable without removal from rack. DC output optional.  EMI/RFI harmonics filters to meet MIL 461 Optional Modular removable front panel, rack ears, batteries, backpanels,remote power off Software PDU, hi-reliability MTBF, and a two year warranty. We also turn around warranty in under 2 weeks This unit has passed the rugged mil-S- 901D-A  shock and MIL-std-167  vibration standalone requirements of the US government. Most UPS run tests in systems only. Inverter always available in standby, pure sinewave output <5% distortion. 980 watts maximum on single outlet or multiple up to 8 outlets Switches to inverter on powerfail within 4ms. Thats less than 1/4 of a 60Hz cycle. Capabilities: 1.5 kVA UPS, 980 watts ,17 amp delta breaker ,2kva ISOLATION TRANSFORMER, 1-8 outlets We have 208v or 240v European models also Auto-sense frequency with 47-63hz operation to deploy OCONUS shipboard Intelligent microprocessor UPS, built-in  hot self test: individual battery test, It tests itself every 2 weeks and lets you know if any problem has developed and it can't do its job. Front panel LED displays show Load, Voltage, Alarms, Run on Batt, Bad Battery, Buck or Boost voltage leveling- 17 in all. Audible alarming as well. Outputs can be 5-15 (standard US plug, Cannon, twist lock L-15, ms 31xx,ms34xx, IEC, or a hardwired terminal block-I/O. Great filter to block AC spikes- 459 joules surge rating, Full time multi-pole noise filtering : 0.3% IEEE surge let-through. Also contains Voltage Leveling circuitry. Runtimes 7.4 minutes @ full load, 26 minutes @ half load (490W) UPS shutdown software available for UNIX, HP, SUN, SCO,NT, Novell, Web enabled, snmp, Microsoft Windows, HPUX, SGI, Oracle, Linux, VXworks,Solaris 2.8. You can operate this unit with a web browser like IE. Slide holes made for most major rack slides, but customs available. We can use Jonathon QD45 or Hardigg cases if you prefer. Batteries removable from front- hot swappable 4 x 8Ahr. Quick disconnect plug and harness  is supplied on all PSRBC8 or PSRBC8h (long life) battery packs. Front or back breaker location with safety guard Full battery recharge around 3 hours Cage 0zap8, APL ,NSN, available through Navicp program Need an enclosure? Powerstar now has mil 901,167 Grade A enclosures Need it modified? --we enjoy the change Need a floor mounted unit instead? Grade A floormount available PS1503 tower Benefits: Shipboard you can field replace the batteries, and circuit breakers are resettable whereas some competitors use breakable fuses. Have you ever lost a fuse in the middle of the ocean?? Pricing that will dramatically reduce the cost of your project, or increase your profit.
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