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Powertronix Isolation Station FLEX Series
Powertronix Isolation Station FLEX Series is used in medical devices to provide medical isolation from the main electricity supply, limiting the leakage current and provide patient and operator protection. ZERO Failure. Isolation Station FLEX Series is modular and smart design to configure for end application.


  • Medical carts, medical laser, imaging
  • Diagnostic lab equipment
  • Mobile Medical Cart, Clinical Diagnostic
  • IT Management & Network Servers,
  • Retail / Data processing equipment.
  • Industrial / Commercial Equipment
  • Automation/Robotic



Powertronix designs and manufactures Electrical Components and AC Power Systems for industrial OEMs, hospitals, and other organizations requiring high quality power supplies in the 10 VA to 30,000 VA power range. Products include Custom-made Toroidal Power Transformers, Coils, Inductors, Current Transformers, Unregulated DC Power Supplies, and UL Listed ISOLATION STATION™ series of Medical and Power Isolation Units, Power Line Conditioners, and Power Distribution Units. Products are UL, cUL & CE approved and marked, ISO 9001 and compliant with IEC 601.1 safety standard