Flat Window and Ball Lens Caps for Laser Diodes

Featured Product from Precipart

Our high-quality, soldered flat window and ball lens caps are manufactured per customer drawing, design and specifications. Standard sizes are available on request with custom antireflective coatings, glass types and sizes. We use the most modern manufacturing technology to ensure cleanest and consistent high-quality caps. All key components are manufactured in-house to guarantee the most reliable and highest performing product with short development lead times. The vertically integrated manufacturing process including quality control is done in a class 100 (ISO 5) clean room environment.


The precision lens and its position within the metal shell are the keys to our high-quality, hermetically-sealed caps. Our in-house manufactured lenses have a surface finish up to Ra 1.2nm and No Scratch/Dig at 20x magnification. On ball lenses we hold tolerances up to +/- 0.001mm on diameter. The optical glasses used for the lenses are from renowned optical glass manufactures to ensure a strict control on the refractive index and dispersion.


-   100% visual final inspection under the microscope per customer specification

-   Helium leak detection test per customer defined AQL-level

-   Optical dimensional inspection per customer defined AQL-level

-   Push force test per customer defined AQL-level

-   Additional tests per customer specification